Pam Phillips

Computer/Programming/Design Skills

Web Design: HTML, XHTML, XML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS, CSS2, CSS3)
Programming:, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Python, PHP, MySQL, XML, Extendscript
Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome
Design Software: Adobe Elements, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, InDesign, Dreamweaver
Database: Visual Studio, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle PL/SQL
Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Publisher, Visio

Education / Certifications

Associate's Degree, Web Technologies, 4.0 GPA, Central Piedmont Community College, Matthews, NC,
Associate's Degree, Computer Science, Honors 3.9 GPA, York Technical College, Rock Hill, SC
Web Technologies Certificate, Central Piedmont Community College
Database Management Certificate, Central Piedmont Community College

Web Design & Design Programming

  1. Weekend10 - Maintain website for Rock Hill Finacial group
    This site is used by the Financial company to list events in the Charlotte, NC area. Updated weekly.
  2. Sinclair Financial Solutions Content Management corporate site
    This is the home site for the Financial company and is updated daily. It is a Wordpress CMS site.
  3. Real Estate Site for Sinclair Financial Solutions
    This site is used for real estate properties for the Financial company and is updated daily. It is a Wordpress CMS site.
  4. Foreclosure property site for Sinclair Financial Solutions
    This site is used for foreclosure real estate property listings for the Financial company and is updated daily. It is a Wordpress CMS site.
  5. Uncommon Thread, Inc. (2011) Built ecommerce website
    This ecommerce site combines two existing sites into one site with over 6,000 products. Customer now has all ecommerce orders channeled through one processing site. Has reduced administrative tasks and simplified shipping.
  6. YLI, Inc. (2010) Built ecommerce website
    This website created for their Iris brand threads. Includes 300 colors available. Thread is now available for consumer purchase in single spools or in bulk.
  7. Ongoing - Built and maintain website for non-profit group
    This site is used by the York County Quilters to attract new members in the community and houses a members-only section that is password protected.

Manager | Design | Systems Support

CAD Manager providing 16 years of IT and graphic design experience for the textile industry. Developed processes that reduced art preparation and delivery times. Designed and implemented digital art archive with over 70,000 entries. Developed more efficient forms of document scanning and preparation. Implemented and maintained worldwide internal FTP site for document sharing. Maintained LAN network spanning several states, Canada and Mexico.

Career Milestones

Web Design & Design Programming

+ Built internal website for design department with limited availability to other departments. This website was used to share trend information, updates on market shows, and general idea sharing amount the managers, stylists, and designers.
RESULTS: Department was able to create a more cohesive environment and stay focused on the current company trend vision and goals.

+ Designed internal archiving system for easy storage of art designs. Used Photoshop's Extendscript to create a script to allow the designers to input information about the design using a user-friendly interface within Photoshop. Information was gathered about the customer it was designed for, the status of the design(sold or available), and specific keywords and imbedded into the design's metadata.
RESULTS: The designers were able to reuse existing designs by accessing the Adobe Bridge program to search for available designs using keywords reducing the time it took to create a customer presentation. Managers were able to use the resources to see what designs had already been shown to a customer and create new ideas for them.

+ Created automatic scripts to input legacy artwork into digital asset program. Using Photoshop's Extendscript, wrote programs to automatically update metadata and archive designs that were created before the design department began its archiving process.
RESULTS: The designs were added to the archive system in batches. Using the legacy scripts over 1000 images were added to the system per hour. The legacy designs contained over 70,000 images.

CAD & Information Systems Management

+ Configured and installed new server and backup systems. Reconfigured the department's technology needs and placed the older server with rack-mounted dual servers with an automatic tape backup system.
RESULTS: This new system allowed the department to support its growing design storage and allow for uninterrupted backups. The new system included a real-time backup which allowed users to restore files they had deleted with a web client.

+ Expanded internal archiving system to a 3rd party digital asset management program. After the first 25,000 images were imported, a 3rd party SQL database asset management program was installed
RESULTS: The users were able to use the Photoshop script as a front-end to append the metadata, the information was then imported into a SQL database. The design search time was reduced 60%.

+ Implemented state of the art printing resources for design area. Installed Epson wide-format paper printers for each department with color calibrations. Installed and maintained 4 Mimiaki fabric printers. Maintained printers and paper/fabric supply inventory.
RESULTS: Art design turnaround time was reduced 30%. Designs that were sent oversees to be printed and constructed on the Mimiaki printers and sewn into samples locally. Created the ability to be more customer focused.

+ Researched and installed camera scanning station for design area. Installed Canon EOS 50D digital camera on copy stand to assist designers in importing images of purchased art. Also allowed stylists to photograph storyboards for documentation and emailing to customers.
RESULTS: Created the ability to use the camera's RAW format to create better images for creating art. Was able to reduce the time needed to clean the art before it could be shown to the customer.

+ Implemented internal FTP site for file sharing between local design department and worldwide offices and vendors. This site was used to transfer large graphic files from the designers to vendors who were responsible for creating project samples for customer presentations.
RESULTS: Prior to this, designs were burned to CDs and mailed to each vendor requiring weeks of delays due to mail and international custom requirements. After implementation, the designs were available immediately.

+ Implemented initial internal email system. Created internal Lotus Notes cc:Mail system.
RESULTS: The basis of the company's internal email system was successful beyond the scope of the project.

CAD Design

+ Managed design freelance personnel
+ Conducted monthly Photoshop training for associates
+ Created customer focused presentations with digital art designs


WEB design - Webmistress for York County Quilters (, Graphic Design, Fine art design, Digitizing art design